Pink color is this blonde. Erotic glamor by pink shoes … Red is sexy color also!

Sexy Estonika is a hot new edition to our team and we know you are going to love how freaky she likes to get. She is a nineteen year old performer from Russia and seriously, there is nothing hot Estonika won’t try. She happens to LOVE intense role play, so you can expect to see a lot of that from her as she dresses up like her favorite comic characters, dabbles in a little dominatrix play and goes all out for any special occasion that may be coming up. Estonika is a true freak at heart. She has always lived life on the fringes and she gets off on partying in the underground clubs and on the rave scenes. She tells us stripping is the perfect job for her because she loves to be the center of attention. Hot Estonika likes all eyes on her, even when she’s having sex because she is a total exhibitionist.


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Sexy iblonde from Russia - Estonika Stripper Name

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